JULY 18th – JULY 23rd

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Monday thru Saturday Entertainment:

Vincenta’s White Tigers 3pm, 6 pm and 9 pm on the Good News Lawn

Pleasant Valley Boys Square Dance – 9 pm in the Pavilion

Monday, July 18 Entertainment:

Nitro Demo Derby – 8 pm in the Arena

Tuesday, July 19 Entertainment:

Fast Traxx Motor Cross – 6 pm in the Arena

Wednesday, July 20 Entertainment:

BIGFOOT Monster Truck Will Crush Cars at 7:30 pm in the Arena

Rough Truck & Car Contest –  8 pm in the Arena

Friday, July 22 Entertainment:

Kiddie & Sr. Calf Scramble – 6 pm in the Arena

Perry County Idol – 8 pm in the Arena





CLICK HERE for – Printable Entry Form

CLICK HERE for – Perry County Idol Details and Entry Form


Senior Fair Board Office – 740-342-3047


NOTICE – The Perry County Fair Board and the Perry County Commissioners will take every precaution in their power for the safe preservation of livestock and articles on exhibition after their arrival and arrangement upon the fairgrounds. However, above parties will not be responsible for damage to exhibits or livestock by fire, water, windstorm or any act of God, nor does the Board assume any liability for loss by thefts or accidents, to persons or property.  The board will not be responsible for any errors or omissions in this book.


NOTICE – No person shall be permitted to make solicitations of any nature on the fairgrounds except in contracted concession or commercial rented spaces. – No person will be permitted to post or display signs, distribute handbills or advertising material or sell or distribute free, any merchandise, except persons under contract. – No dogs allowed on the fairgrounds during the fair.


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  1. kim holcomb says:

    We always have a wonderful time. Its a blast!

  2. Lori Kuhn says:

    Whats the price for adult and children admission. Also price to watch atv pull.

    • fairexpress says:

      The daily admission is $8 per day. There is no additional cost to watch the ATV pull.

  3. Logan says:

    Is mr speed(kiss band) going to be tere again and if so what time and when night is square dancing and what time?

    • fairexpress says:

      This year we have Double Cut Band on Thursday, July 17th from 6-8 pm and Open Highway Bluegrass Band on Saturday, July 19th from 5-7 pm in the pavilion. Square dancing will also be in the pavilion with Pleasant Valley Boys on Monday at 8 pm; Tuesday through Saturday at 9 pm.

  4. Logan says:

    Also I kids day Tuesday again

  5. brittny says:

    I know there used to be a kid free day, do u know if there will still be one??

    • fairexpress says:

      Tuesday, July 15th, 2014, is Kids Day at the Perry County Fair. Kids under the age of 18 years old will be admitted for a $6 admission (which includes ride pass). A Free Sack Lunch for kids will be offered from noon to 1 pm at the pavilion.

  6. legend waltz l says:

    Do you have a veteran day.I am a veteran.and a senior.

    • fairexpress says:

      The Official Program indicates that Monday will be Veteran’s Day and Thursday will be Senior Day. On Thursday Seniors will be admitted for a discounted rate between 8 am and 1 pm.

  7. Serena says:

    Does the membership ticket include rides?

    • fairexpress says:

      An additional $6 per day ride pass is needed to ride rides with the Membership ticket.

  8. Scott says:

    Are they having horse pulls anymore? I don’t see an event date for it.

  9. nick says:

    What time do i got to be there for the tractor derby monday ? Bc im planing on running it

  10. Susan says:

    What day is senior and Veterans Day

  11. Debbie says:

    My daughter wanted to enter a drawing in the junior art, but she is a homeschooler. How do I get a signature from a teacher for her to enter?

  12. Ellissia says:

    Um I was wondering when you bye the pass if it includes the rides

  13. jacey says:

    if you buy a fair pass does it still include rides?

    • fairexpress says:

      With a fair pass there is an additional $6 ride pass required to ride the rides.

  14. Misty says:

    Can u buy a season pass on Monday of the fair

  15. Jessica says:

    Does it cost anything to watch the derby?? Besides the admission fee

  16. Kris says:

    Is the Admission still $8 if you don’t want to ride rides?

    • fairexpress says:

      Regular daily admission is $8 which includes a pass for the rides regardless if you plan to ride or not.

  17. Jessica says:

    What day is the peddle pull?

    • fairexpress says:

      There is a Pedal Pull scheduled for 2 pm on Tuesday and 3 pm on Friday both in the pavilion.

  18. amber Lowry says:

    Do you charge for 2 and under?

    • fairexpress says:

      Children 2 and under receive FREE Daily Admission. If any child two or under will be riding rides a Ride Pass ($6) must be purchased.

  19. jacey says:

    are you allowed to bring your pets to the fair as long as they are leashed?

  20. Nicki says:

    What is the address for your fairgrounds. I can’t seem to find it on this web sight.

    • fairexpress says:

      The Perry County Fairgrounds are located at 5445 State Route 37 W, New Lexington, Ohio.

  21. Amber says:

    Is it free after 7:30pm or anything?

  22. Debbie says:

    Rumor has it that Tim McGraw will be part of your entertainment for 2015,if this is true what day and how much are tickets? Thank you

  23. joe krache says:

    would like info on who to contact for a vendor spot at this years fair–as i was a participant for many years in the past with my sand art business.

    Thank you Joe Krache

  24. Daniel says:

    Are you holding a tractor derby??

    • fairexpress says:

      The Fair Entertainment Schedule does not include a tractor derby. Feel free to contact the Senior Fair Board Office at 740-342-3047 or attend a meeting of the Perry County Fair Board and offer your suggestion of a “tractor or lawn mower derby”.

  25. Mrs Davis says:

    when are the truck and tractor pulls and how much is it for admission

    • fairexpress says:

      The Truck & Tractor Transfer Pull will be held in the Arena on Saturday, July 25th, beginning 5 pm.

  26. joe krache says:

    would like to be a vendor outside in midway area this year and would like to know if you have available 10×10 spot available thank you Joe Krache

  27. Kendra says:

    How much is it to buy a pass? and where can I?

    • fairexpress says:

      Membership tickets are $20 to all residents of Perry County. You can purchase the ticket by mail by submitting your Name, Address and payment to Sally Rambo at 2681 St. Rt. 345, New Lexington, OH 4376. Contact the Fair Board Office at 740-342-3047 for optional ways to purchase your pass.

  28. Laurie says:

    Does Perry Co. Fair have a kids power wheels derby?

  29. Jenna woltz says:

    Do you know what rides will be there this year for adults

    • fairexpress says:

      The rides are determined by the Amusement ride company based on popularity and availability.

  30. ashley says:

    Is the boat ride going to be there this year?

    • fairexpress says:

      The types of rides offered each year are at the sole discretion of the Amusement ride company based on popularity and availability.

  31. STEVE SWALLOW says:

    Is your Monday Veterans Day FREE all day?!!? Are there areas in the demolition derby arena stands for handicapped/disabled???

    • fairexpress says:

      Monday is Veteran’s Day and admission is FREE to any Veteran presenting a Military ID. If any Veteran should choose to ride rides a Ride Pass is offered for $6.

  32. Mack Sennett says:

    ..Love this fair..perfect size..not too crowded…great people…great food…brings back memories of my youth…

  33. Ashley says:

    Does anyone know for the Veterans Day on Monday for the fair does the hole family get in on is it just the person who is a veteran

  34. Chris says:

    Are you having a mower derby????

  35. Makena says:

    Is their an aditional cost to ride the rides

  36. Shannon says:

    How long is veterans day and how much is it for them to get in?

    • fairexpress says:

      Veterans Day is ALL DAY Monday and any Veteran presenting military ID will be given free admission. If they should choose to ride rides a Ride Pass can be purchased for $6.

  37. makenzie says:

    can a two year old ride rides by her self or can i go with them.

    • fairexpress says:

      The possibility of a two year old riding the rides would greatly depend upon the ride. Some rides will be available which would accommodate a parent and child and some will not.

  38. Jerri Anne Mcconaha says:

    Will there be a kids free day for the fair this year?

  39. Taylor says:

    Is it $8 total for entry and rides?

  40. Allyson says:

    If I buy a ticket at noon then leave at 3:00 then come back can I use the same ticket

    • fairexpress says:

      When you enter the gate and pay the $8 admission you will be given a ticket for the rides for that particular day. You will turn in your ticket for the rides at the Amusement Ride ticket booth and they will immediately stamp your arm for rides that day. When you leave through any of the main gates they will have a stamp available so that you can re-enter at a later time, but only for that particular day. Each day the Amusement Ride stamp and the Admissions Gate stamp are changed.

  41. Amy says:

    How do you run for fair queen? How old do you have to be? When do you sign up?

    • fairexpress says:

      For Fair Queen Information please contact the OSU Extension Office at 740-743-1602.

  42. Amie Guisinger says:

    For the Perry County Idol, do they use a CD for music or?

    • fairexpress says:

      Any questions about the Perry County Idol contest should be directed to the Sr. Fair Board Office at 740-342-3047.

  43. amanda says:

    how much for 2 children an 2 adults

    • fairexpress says:

      Children over two and adults will be charged $8 each admission. There are discount opportunities such as Kids Day and Veterans Day – please see the Admission & Tickets page for more details.

  44. fairexpress says:

    The $8 admission does include a ticket for amusement park rides, Perry County Fairgrounds has a large parking area available free to our visitors, so your only other expenses would be souvenirs and food.

  45. fairexpress says:

    The Perry County Fair is held during July each year. I do believe Saturday, October 12, 2013 is the last day of the Fairfield County Fair in Lancaster, Ohio.

  46. fairexpress says:
      A Season Ticket is available for $20.
  47. fairexpress says:

    Children under the age of 2 will not be charged admission at the gate, but if you choose to let them ride rides they will need the $6 ride pass.

  48. fairexpress says:

    With the $20 Season or Membership Ticket an additional $6 per day Ride Pass must be purchased for the rides.

  49. fairexpress says:

    Double Cut Band is scheduled for Thursday, July 17th from 6-8 pm in the pavilion.

  50. fairexpress says:

    The Senior Fair Board Office number is 740-342-3047.

  51. fairexpress says:

    Feel free to contact the Perry County Fair Board Office at 740-342-3047.

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