Senior Fair Livestock



Chairman – Richie Boring



1.  All livestock exhibited must meet the Ohio Exhibition Rules, a copy of which appears within this book.  Health papers must accompany all animals and will be check upon arrival.

2.  All exhibitors must have membership ticket or a season ticket.

3.  All entries must be made and the entry fee of $2 per entry, per class to be paid at time of entry on cattle, and $1 per entry, per class on sheep and hogs. NO entry will be accepted the week of the fair.  All entries must be made by July 1.  (Mail to: Sally Rambo, 2681 St. Rt. 345 NE, New Lexington, Ohio 43764).

4.  Each exhibitor is limited to two (2) entries per class.

5.  Exhibitors will furnish their own bedding, hay and grain.  Due to limited space, no stall space will be used for straw or feed storage.

6.  All animals exhibited except market animals must be registered in the respective herd books of the breed in the name of the exhibitor, or sufficient evidence to show that the animals sire and dam are registered and that proper registration papers have been applied for.  Registration papers must be available at all times.

7.  Any exhibitor misrepresenting his livestock or exhibiting livestock that has been artificially fitted or treated or showing an animal out of the proper class or doing any other dishonorable practice, shall forfeit all premiums and in in premiums have been paid before such violations have been detected, the exhibitor must refund the premium money to the Perry County Agriculture Society of the State of Ohio or be barred from showing at the Perry County Fair.

8.  The Board of Directors of the Perry County Agricultural Society exercises all possible precautions; however, they assume no responsibility in case of fire or any other loss or injury to livestock or the exhibitor.

9.  Open class animals will be released the same time as Junior Fair animals. (according to species unless otherwise noted in each department)

10.  No animal shown in the breeding class may be shown in the market class.

If health papers are required (ie. out of state), they must accompany that animal and will be checked upon arrival.

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