Junior Fair Livestock


1. Eligible Junior Fair market animals may be sold in the JUNIOR FAIR LIVESTOCK SALE ON Saturday.

2. All animals to be sold must be listed with the sale committee by Thursday, 10 pm.  Special listing cards will be provided to the exhibitor and a drop box for the cards will be in the same location.  Animals not listed by the designated time will NOT be included in the sale.  This time deadline has been established due to the fact that the sale bill must be made out in advance.

3. The Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion of all live market livestock species and the Carcass Contests must sell.  Each Junior Fair exhibitor of market animals shall sell no more than one (1) lot animals.  Anyone violating this rule will not be permitted to show market animals eligible for sale the following year.  The exceptions will be that if one exhibitor has two or more Grand or Reserve Grand Champions; or an exhibitor can sell one lot and one eligible carcass; or an exhibitor can sell up to one lot, one eligible carcass, AND a scramble calf.

4. Minimum and maximum weights for live sale animals are:

  • Steers – 950 pounds minimum to 1,500 pounds maximum
  • Dairy Feeders – 400 to 650 pounds
  • Market Sheep – 90 pounds minimum
  • Market Swine – 220 pounds minimum to 290 pounds maximum
  • Rabbits – 3.5 to 5.5 pounds each
  • Chickens – Broilers – 3 to 5 pounds each
  • Chickens – Roasters – over 5 pounds and up to and including 7 pounds each
  • Goats – 60 pounds minimum

5. Steers, sheep, swine and goats will sell on their show weights.  Rabbits and chickens will sell by the lot.

Animals not shown or disqualified for any reason CAN NOT sell.

6. Selling deductions will be:

All Grand Champions and Reserve Grand Champions – 6%
All other dairy, beef, sheep and swine, including Class and Division Weight Winners – 4-1/2%
All non-champion rabbit, chickens and goats – 4-1/2%

7. Sale animals will be released at the conclusion of their respective species.  It is the responsibility of the seller to care for and feed his animals at the buyer’s risk until the animal is loaded for shipment or until midnight Saturday; whichever occurs first, thereafter the buyer assumes full responsibility.

8. There will be a meeting of all sellers on Saturday, 8:30 am. on the Coliseum bleachers.

9. Exhibitors with market beef animals sold in the livestock sale must leave a suitable rope halter on steer after sale.

10. All sale checks will be mailed directly to the seller’s home within one month of the sale committee receiving payment from the buyer.

11. The Senior Fair Board Livestock Committee, Junior Fair Livestock and Sale Committee reserves the right to interpret all rules and has the authority to handle any and all details, problems or matters relating to the livestock show and/or sale.  These committees also have the right to rule on all questions not covered by those rules published.  No individual member of that committee is legally liable for the majority ruling.  All rules listed, for the interests of the Junior Fair, will be enforced, suspended, or added to by these committees, with the Senior Fair Board having the final authorization.

12. All exhibitors must agree to the above rules before competing in the Junior Fair Market Livestock Show and Sale.

Updated 07/10/2018 at 7:10 am.

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