Department No. 39 Family and Consumer Sciences

Chairpersons Taundra Householder
Judging: Sunday 3 pm

All students enrolled, or who have been enrolled in Family and Consumer Science classes at any school in Perry County are eligible to exhibit projects at the Fair.

There is a limit of three (3) entries in this department.  A food item must have a recipe and an explanation of the item(s).  All projects must be brought to the Homemaking Building on the fairgrounds on Sunday before the start of the fair, between 10 and 3 pm.  Judging will take place on that day.  Projects must be on display during the entire week and can be picked up between 10 am and 2 pm on the Sunday, following the closing of the fair. Junior Fair passes may be purchased at the time projects are accepted for exhibition.

Class 1: Shorts, Tops
Class 2: Jumpers, Skirts or Pants
Class 3: School Clothes
Class 4: Active Sports
Class 5: Sleep Wear
Class 6: Dresses
Class 7: Accessories
Class 8: Home Canned Foods (1 jar)
Class 9: Jelly, Jam or Preserves
Class 10: Candy (3)
Class 11: Cupcakes (3)
Class 12: Bread (1) and Rolls (3)
Class 13: Pies (1 whole pie)
Class 14: Cookies (3)
Class 15: Cake (one whole cake)
Class 16: Home Furnishings
Class 17: Child Care
Class 18: Child’s garment
Class 19: Stuffed animals
Class 20: Quilts and wall hangings
Class 21: Other individual projects
Class 22: Scrapbooking
1st ~ $3, 2nd ~ $2, 3rd ~ $1
There will be three best of Show Awards given. Each will include $25 & trophy.

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