Fair Committees


Advertising:   Chairman Taundra Householder

Antique Show: Perry County Historical Society

Antique Tractor Transfer Pull: Chairman John Lindsey

Arena Construction: Co-Chairmen Danny Fisher, Tom Spohn and Pat Smith

ATV Pull: Co-Chairmen Ron Baker and Curt Smith

Beef:  Co-Chairmen Tom Spohn & Richie Boring; Mike Skinner, Bruce Metzger, Heather Foster, Tom Russell, Joey Shafer, Ted Wiseman

Budget and Finance Committee: Chairman Pat Smith, Tom Spohn, Sally Rambo, Taundra Householder and Joe Fiore

Calf Scramble: Co-Chairmen John Russell and Jamie Snider; Tom Spohn

Camping: Co-Chairmen Sally Rambo, Chuck Owen, Kenny Halsey and Danny Fisher

Commercial Displays: Chairman Larry Weaver

Dairy:  Chairman Ericka Ryan; Michele Antonini

Dairy Feeders: Chairman Kenny Halsey; Tom Spohn

Demolition Derby: Chairman Pat Smith

Entertainment & Attractions: Perry County Senior Fair Board of Directors

Farm Tractor Tug Pull:  Chairman Dean Throckmorton; John Lindsey; Jacob Bowers, Jared Bowers, Matt Snider, Daryl Holcomb, Noel Allen, Chad Allen, Luke Deny, Keller Moore, Robert Wiseman

FCCLA:  Chairman Taundra Householder

Garden Tractor Transfer Pull: Co-Chairmen Ron Baker and Barry Love

Garden Tractor Tug Pull: Co-Chairmen Ron Baker and Kenny Halsey

Gate Admissions: Chairman Chuck Owen; Taundra Householder, Butch & Pam Skillman, Derrick Keylor

General Livestock: Chairman John Russell; Ted Wiseman, Kenny Halsey, Chuck Owen, Ericka Ryan, Joe Fiore, Ron Baker, Dean Throckmorton, Richie Boring, Mike Skinner

Goats: Chairman Ericka Ryan; Peg Snider, Andrea and Kevin Emmert, Michele Antonini, Heather Hynus, Terry Latier, Dave Lyle, Mary Hannan

Grant Acquisition: Chairman Ericka Ryan

Grounds: Chairman Kenny Halsey; Tom Spohn, Danny Fisher, John Russell, Chuck Owen, Dan Mattis, Dean Throckmorton

Home Making Sr. Fair: Chairman Peg Snider; Angie Finck, Jacque Daniels, Judy Weaver, Katrina McGlothlin, Janet Householder, Gloria Brown, Barb Whetherholt

Horses: Co-Chairmen Pat Smith & Joe Fiore; Jessica Rockey

Horticulture & Agronomy Jr. Fair: Chairman Danny Fisher

Horticulture & Agronomy Sr. Fair: Chairman Peg Snider; Edytha Blosser, Carolyn Wiseman, Angie Finck and Carol Downs

Jr. Fair Office: Co-Chairmen Taundra Householder & Jessica Rockey; Ted Wismean, Michelle Wright

Jr. Fair Premiums: Co-Chairmen Sally Rambo and Ericka Ryan; Cathy Ankrum, Vicky Swartz

Jr. & Sr. Fair Art: Chairman Peg Snider; Angie Finck and Jacque Daniels

Membership & Season Passes: Chairman Sally Rambo, Becky Snider, Ruth Anderson, Cathy Ankrum

Midway Concessions: Chairman Dan Mattis

Motocross: Chairman John Russell

Office: Co-Chairmen Sally Rambo & Tom Spohn; Taundra Householder

Open Class Livestock: Chairman Richie Boring; Dan Mattis; Heather Foster, Adam Finck, Joey Shafer; Rod Stoltz, Mike Skinner

Pavilion Entertainment: Chairman Ericka Ryan

Pedal Pull: Chairman Ron Baker

Poultry: Chairman Joe Fiore; Ron Baker, Judd Baker, Melinda Kaufman, Jen Ortman, Matt Ortman, Alyssa Ranft, Julie Sites, Michelle Wright

Premium Book: Chairman Peg Snider

Queen & King Contest: Co-Chairmen Ericka Ryan & Jessica Rockey

Rabbits: Chairman Joe Fiore; Ron Baker, Christi Clevenger, Steve Cox, Jeff Emmert, Jen Ortman, Alyssa Ranft, Michelle Wright

Rough Truck Contest: Chairman Ron Baker; John Russell

Safety & First Aid: Dan Mattis, Kevin Ratliff, Perry County Sheriff’s Dept. and Auxiliary

Scouts (Boy and Girl): Chairman Larry Weaver

Security and Parking: Co-Chairmen Chuck Owen & Kenny Halsey; Sheriff Randy Barker and the Sheriff’s Dept. and Auxiliary

Sheep: Chairman Dean Throckmorton, Chuck Owen; Rod Stoltz; Robyn Cannon, Ike Hynus, Bill Hill, Michele Antonini, Taundra Householder

Square Dance: Chairman Ericka Ryan

Sr. Citizens Day: Chairman Larry Weaver; Sandra Abram, Karen Newlon, Perry County Task Force, and Jeanne Goodin

Swine: Co-Chairmen John Russell & Danny Fisher; Tom Russell, Joey Shafer, Steve Shumaker, Rick Wilson, Steve Russell, Martin Thomas, Chad Alfman, Mike Skinner, Rob Brokaw, Bruce Metzger, Nate Mack, Jason Poorman, Jay Russell

Trophies & Ads: Co-Chairmen Ericka Ryan and Sally Rambo

Truck and Tractor Transfer Pull: Co-Chairmen Danny Fisher and John Russell; Richie Boring, Megan Fisher

Youth Organizations & Ed: Co-Chairmen Peg Snider & Taundra Householder; Jessica Rockey, Sally Smith

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