2018 Junior Fair Board

President. . . RJ Snider 

Vice President. . . Devin Hogan

Secretary/Treasurer. . . Collin Hill


Duke Alfman, Isaac Anderson, Ivan Anderson, Cooper Baird, Hayley Black, Nicole Bright, Alayna Carter, Emma DeGarmo, McKenna Dodson, Katie Finck, Makala Fiore, Carly Fitz, Jesse Flickinger, Maddie Forgrave, Elizabeth Gibson, Landon Gibson, Ethan Grum, Collin Hill, Luken Hill, Devin Hogan, Paige Hynus, Emily Keylor, Jacob Kopis, Levi Masterson, Simon Murdock, Jalyn Seals, Danae Shaw, Ruth Shriner, Andrew Slatzer, Lizzie Smith, RJ Snider, Megan Sykes, Abby Tolliver, Brittney Weaver-Spires, Taylor Wilson 


Jessica Rockey. . . . . . . . OSU Extension, Perry County

Michelle Wright. . . . . . . . .Perry County 4-H Committee

Taundra Householder. . . . . . . . . Senior Fair Board Liaison


Barn & Show Ring Maintenance: RJ Snider, Devin Hogan, Andrew Slatzer, Duke Alfman, Isaac Anderson, Emily Keylor, Megan Sykes

General Livestock Judging Contest: Collin Hill, Andrew Slatzer, Luken Hill

Grand Champion Showmanship: Collin Hill, Paige Hynus, Duke Alfman

Jr. Ag/Hort/Floriculture: Levi Masterson, Brittany Weaver-Spires, Katelyn Finck , Jacob Kopis

Jr. Beef Breeding/Steers: Ruth Shriner, Cooper Baird, Danae Shaw, Jacob Kopis, Jesse Flickinger

Jr. Dairy Feeders: RJ Snider, Levi Masterson, Landon Gibson, Ethan Grum, Elizabeth Gibson

Jr. Fair Headquarters: Hayley Black, Lizzie Smith, Carly Fitz, Maddie Forgrave, Makala Fiore, Luken Hill, Etan Grum, Jalyn Seals, Janae Seals, Jesse Flickinger, McKenna Dodson, Abby Tolliver

Jr. Horse & Pony: Katelyn Finck, Cooper Baird, Nicole Bright, Emily Keylor

Jr. Rabbits & Poultry: Brittney Weaver-Spires, Maddie Forgrave, Isaac Anderson, Ivan Anderson, Emma DeGarmo, Janae Seals,  McKenna Dodson

Jr. Sheep & Goat: Devin Hogan, Carly Fitz, Landon Gibson, Nicole Bright, Alayna Carter, Megan Sykes, Abby Tolliver

Jr. Swine: Makala Fiore, Ivan Anderson, Danae Shaw, Simon Murdock, Alayna Carter

Trophies & Ribbons: Hayley Black, Paige Hynus, Lizzie Smith, Ruth Shriner, Emma DeGarmo, Jalyn Seals, Elizabeth Gibson


  • Ron Baker – Maddie Forgrave, McKenna Dodson
  • Richie Boring – RJ Snider, Levi Masterson Ethan Grum
  • Joe Fiore – Isaac Anderson
  • Danny Fisher – Duke Alfman, Ivan Anderson
  • Kenny Halsey – Makala Fiore
  • Taundra Householder – Megan Sykes
  • Dan Mattis – Elizabeth Gibson, Paige Hynus
  • Chuck Owen – Andrew Slatzer, Cooper Baird, Jesse Flickinger, Luken Hill, Nicole Bright
  • Sally Rambo – Emma DeGarmo, Jalyn Seals, Janae Seals, Abby Tolliver
  • Ericka Ryan – Hayley Black, Carly Fitz, Lizzie Smith
  • John Russell – Collin Hill
  • Pat Smith – Alayna Carter
  • Peg Snider – Ruth Shriner, Katelyn Finck, Emily Keylor
  • Tom Spohn – Landon Gibson
  • Dean Throckmorton – Danae Shaw, Devin Hogan
  • Larry Weaver – Brittney Weaver-Spires, Jacob Kopis

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  1. My husband and I would like to run an event at the fairgrounds. Could you give me a contact who is in charge of this or a schedule of meetings we can attend to present our idea?
    Thank you,
    Jessica Hagar

    • fairexpress says:

      Please contact the Senior Fairboard Office for more information at 740-342-3047

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